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      Make wrapped-monolog a thing. · 8a419a5c
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      Initial pass at just wrapping PSR3. · eae88650
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      Back in PHP 7.4 days, when I started this library, I seem to recall this didn't
      work out very well. But I can't recall precisely why, so I'm trying it again,
      because it seems as though we can get much cleaner typing and static analysis,
      and (and because of it being) a much simpler implementation.
      While there may be some situations where it would be easier to integrate if your
      StackLogger extended (instead of wrapping) you Logger, supporting that use-case
      is probably not worth it. Outside of a factory, most places that currently call
      for a Monolog\Logger are likely to be mostly only using PSR-3 methods. I will
      need to think more about how people use withName() in monolog, though.
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      Added `addContext(array $context)`; rename `child()` to `withContext()`: · b27be275
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      In some contexts, it just makes more sense to layer context onto an existing
      Logger. The impetus for this change was a desire to decorate the context of a
      Logger in some mezzio HTTP middleware. I wanted to capture some data from the
      request, and attach it to the Logger. The middleware receives the logger via
      constructor-injection from the DIC, and does not pass it on. The middleware
      can't know about the DIC, so this seems to be the best solution, even if it
      makes makes things feel less immutable.
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