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......@@ -99,6 +99,25 @@ callables in your stacked context. Context is processed *before* invoking the
wrapped logger's methods. The callables will be invoked on every logging method
call, even if the underlying logger is configured to ignore the log-level.
### NullLoggers
All `StackLogger` implementations provide a static `getNullLogger()` method,
which returns an instance that is configured to discard all log messages. These
"null loggers" can be handy in tests, or as a default logger in classes that
can optionally accept a real logger:
use TimDev\StackLogger\MonologStackLogger;
class SomeService
public function __construct(?MonologStackLogger $logger = null)
$this->logger = $logger ?? MonologStackLogger::getNullLogger();
## To Do
- [ ] Make MonologStackLogger implement Monolog's ResettableInterface?
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